Our Products

We have more than 5000 different profiles, with the capacity to produce profiles as wide as 200 mm, depending upon shape, size & CCD.

The alloys we have- 6063 6005 6061 6082 5083 E91E. We also make customised profiles depending on the requirement of the customers. We supply to these industries.


Aluminium profiles are widely used in buildings because of their intrinsic properties of lightness and corrosion resistance. They are used in external facades, roofs and walls, windows and doors, staircases, railings, etc.

  • Curtain Walls
  • Window & Door Profiles
  • Railings
Air handling Units

Due to aluminium’s corrosion resistant properties, units will not have to be replaced due to rust propagation or deterioration.


Aluminium profiles can be used to increase the size and energy absorption capacity of a vehicle's front and back crumple zones, enhancing safety without increasing weight. Vehicles made from lighter aluminium require shorter stopping distances, helping to prevent collisions.


Aluminium profiles have been used for many years as conductor material in almost all branches of electrical engineering. The material is lighter than copper (about one third the density) and therefore easier to handle; it is also cheaper.

Clean rooms

One of the most important advantages to aluminium honeycomb clean room panels is the fact that it is non-shedding. Aluminium honeycomb panels have a better resistance to damage due to their high crush strength and are also easier to repair.


Aluminium profiles are used in automation as the variations and tolerance level of profiles can be controlled up to +/-0.2mm thickness depending on the profile.


Aluminium profiles are used in solar industry because of its high strength and machinability.


Modular construction requires prefabricated material, this prefabricated material uses a lot of aluminium profiles as it has high strength and low density (Lighter in weight in comparison to steel or copper).


Aluminium is used in the industrial sector as it is highly versatile. It can be cut, welded, and moulded.