• 5 ton in house furnace
  • Makes 4 and 6-inches billets
  • SAE makes different types of alloy billets 6063 6005 6061 6082 5083 E91E 1060
  • Every alloy has different chemical composition
  • SAE also uses homogenized billets, depending on the profile and requirements

Plan for expansion

With the 9-inch press coming the foundry is expanding as well.

  • 2 furnaces, 10-ton capacity each
  • Will make 4,6 and 9-inch billets
  • Homogenising furnace, all billets will be homogenised

Tool Room
  • Designing is the first step of the process
  • Number of sections: More than 5000

Press 1 Press 2
Strength of extrusion press 700 1400
Diameter of billet 105 152
Diameter of container 110 158
Conveyor length 38mts 40mts
Type of billet oven Hot log shearer Hot log shearer
Type of puller Track Type Track Type

Press 1 is a 4-inch press and press 2 is a 6-inch press. We have both these presses set up at a single plant. Press 1 has a capacity of producing 1800 tons per year. Press 2 produces 4400 tons per annum.

Details of the upcoming 9-inch press

Press 3
Strength of extrusion press 3000
Diameter of billet 228
Diameter of container
Conveyor length 38mts
Type of billet oven Hot log shearer
Type of puller 3 head puller system
Quality testing Lab

The lab is equipped with several machines to ensure quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

  • - Spectro meter- Assessing the chemical compositions of different alloys
  • - Electrical conductivity meter- Measures the level of conductivity in profiles
  • - Universal testing machine- Measures the tensile strength, proof stress and percentage of elongation of profiles
  • - Hardness testing machine- Records the hardness of final product
  • - Barcol Hardness teste
  • - Rock wela for die hardness testing
  • - Wesbter Testing machine 222